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Carpets can accumulate dust and grime quickly because of high frequency use. If you clean your carpet regularly with a vacuum cleaner, you can keep it clean to some extent but not forever. What will you do if you spill something on the carpet? A vacuum cleaner cannot remove stains. Soon scrubbing the carpet with the vacuum cleaner will become a routine task and you will begin to miss spots or forget to clean some areas.

Lets consider stain removal. You might say, ‘I will use a commercial carpet cleaning solution to remove the stains’. Did you know that carpet cleaning solutions can spoil your carpet, if you do not use it in the right quantity or do not use it properly? Moreover, that’s not your job and no one expects you to have any proficiency in it. So, somewhere down the line, you will have to call in a professional carpet cleaning company to clean the carpet properly. Now you should know that Sears Carpet Cleaning is one of the best carpet cleaning companies in the US.

Why professional carpet cleaning?

How do you decide if your carpet is ‘clean’? People judge this through several parameters. Some would say that the carpet should ‘look’ clean. Or is it the absence of stains or spots on the carpet? Is it the absence of odors? So what is it?

Unfortunately, a carpet can still dirty and a magnet for dust and dirt and still ‘look’ clean. Even a spotless carpet can harbor germs and collect dirt like a sink. Not many people know that regular vacuuming can push dirt and dust deep into the carpet. Later, this can only be reached with specialized equipment.

High frequency treading can also cause the carpet fibers to get crushed. Professional carpet cleaning will not only rectify this, but also remove the hard to access dirt and dust. Another benefit is, professional cleaning can remove ugly stains from carpets, leaving it looking like new.

Why Sears Carpet Cleaning is one of the best

If you are looking for reasons why you should engage Sears Carpet Cleaning to clean your carpet, we can give you many. Did you know that the average carpet contains as many as 100,000 dust mites per square yard? How many of them do you think you will be able to get with your vacuum cleaner? Dust mites cause uncomfortable allergies.

A professional carpet cleaner will bring specialized equipment and carpet cleaning solutions to the job. The IICRC also says that a carpet is a sink for dust, dirt, grime and any other allergen that may drift to the floor. This is why Sears Carpet Cleaning uses a two step process to clean carpets.

Sear’s unique two step process to clean carpets

The company’s unique two step process involves a special fiber rinse. When a Sears carpet cleaning professional comes to your home, he will first inspect the carpet to determine the problem areas. Once this is done, he will spray a special carpet (heated) cleaning liquid on the carpet to loosen the embedded dirt. After some time, he uses a high powered pH balancing/extraction fiber rinse to extricate the dirt and grime, leaving the carpet clean and smelling nice.

More reasons to call Sears Carpet Cleaning

Sear Carpet Cleaning’s technique is also recommended by the US’s largest carpet manufacturing company. It is not surprising, since it is one of the most efficient and effective ways to clean a carpet.

Courteous staff and technicians - The company’s staff are very courteous to customers and they ensure that customers are satisfied with the company’s service. Their technicians are thorough professionals, trained on the latest equipment. The company can also schedule appointments as per a customer’s convenience. All employees go through a mandatory background check before they are hired at Sears Carpet Cleaning.

Careful inspection and cleaning - Sears carpet cleaning technicians pay special attention to trouble spots and high tread areas (will be determined during the carpet inspection). All cleaning operations are performed by truck mounted equipment, ensuring faster cleaning and quicker drying.

Free estimate – Sears Carpet Cleaning communicates the full cost of the carpet cleaning service to its clients, upfront. Do not worry about hidden charges because there are none.

Guaranteed satisfaction – All Sears Home Services are guaranteed for satisfaction. If you are not satisfied with the service, you can contact the company within 30 days of the cleaning and the company will do what it can to resolve the problem. Note that you will have to allow a Sears technician to inspect the carpet so that the company can determine a solution. Subsequent to the carpet cleaning, if you inspect another company and get the carpet cleaned again, the Sears guarantee will become void.

Get your carpet protected and deodorized by Sears Carpet Cleaning

Additionally, Sears Carpet Cleaning can also apply carpet protectors and deodorizers. After the carpet is cleaned, it is a good idea to apply a protector. The carpet company will apply a protector to the carpet at the factory. The protector enhances the life span of the carpet by delaying the formation of tread patterns. It also offers some protection against spills. Unfortunately, this protective layer does not last long (is rubbed off by carpet traffic). Reapplying the layer helps the carpet sustain.

If you have pets in the house, consider using a carpet deodorizer. A smelly carpet can make the whole house stink. The deodorizer attacks the odor causing substance and digests it, leaving no trace and no odor.

Professional carpet cleaning validates warranty on some carpets

Some carpet manufacturing companies recommend professional carpet cleaning and they even use it to validate the warranties on their carpets. Some of these companies are Shaw, Mohawk, Beaulieu and Stainmaster Carpet. If these companies are recommending professional carpet cleaning, don’t you think it should good for something?

Thankfully, Sears Carpet Cleaning has a number of franchises nationwide. Please visit the company’s website to view special offers from different franchises and to see if there is a franchise close to where you stay.