Carpet Cleaning

Enjoy Better Health With Regular Carpet Cleaning

Carpet cleaning is a time-consuming chore which quickly loses any appeal it might once have had for homeowners. Many people wish it was unnecessary, and put off doing the job as long as possible. While there is sympathy for this attitude, there are some very valid reasons why your carpets should be cleaned regularly.

The fact is, carpets pick up a lot of dirt that gets tracked in from outside. They are very pleasant to walk on in bare feet, and are very attractive and help to keep the home warm in winter, but they do have this downside as well. And it isn’t just that carpets can become unsightly and possibly even develop an unpleasant odor over time.

Carpets can be a huge health hazard as well. Asthma attacks can be provoked by dirty carpets. In fact, allergens such as pollen, dust, pet and human dander, and house dust mites are frequently harbored by carpets, and the less frequently the carpet is cleaned, the worse the problem can be. Synthetic carpets are just as bad as those made from natural fibers in terms of acting as a reservoir for substances which can trigger human health problems.

To avoid these problems while enjoying the advantages they offer, carpets should be cleaned regularly. Frequent vacuuming does help, especially if a machine with a high suction power and an efficient HEPA filter or a bagless means of extracting the allergenic particles from the incoming air is used. In addition, regular shampooing is also needed, as vacuuming does help keep the population of allergens down, but it still increases over time.

Shampooing of carpets is really the process that can cause issues for people. Simple vacuuming with a good machine is quick and easy, but a thorough shampoo job takes considerably longer and requires the furniture to be moved around or taken out of a room while it is done. In addition, some time to allow for drying might be needed. Good carpet shampooers are also expensive, while cheap ones may be ineffective.

Perhaps the best option for homeowners is to rely on outside businesses. These are equipped with industrial-grade machines which do a better job and leave the carpet almost completely dry, so drying time is minimized. Such heavy-duty shampooers are also less likely to leave residues which accumulate dirt and shorten the time before the next shampooing is necessary. Company employees will also do the potentially back-breaking work of moving the furniture. All in all, there is a lot to recommend this route.

Of course, businesses have long ago discovered the advantages of outsourcing this sort of job to properly-equipped specialists. It is usually far more cost-effective and efficient to pay specialist to do the work. However, the homeowner cannot deduct the costs from taxes in the same way and this potentially makes it a closer call. In the end, it is up to the individual.

Whatever route is ultimately chosen, this is not a chore which can be neglected. The possible threats to family health, particularly if there are pets in the home, are just too great. Niggling colds and other minor complaints may vanish if carpet cleaning is done regularly enough. The whole family might be able to enjoy better health.